The Taliano's tradition lies in the Italian passion for family, friends, and fine food.  In 1970, childhood friends Tom Caldarera, Jr. and Jim Cadelli turned to a love they both knew well, good authentic Italian food.  Their guidance was the advice of their mothers, Concetta Caldarera and Lola Cadelli, "If you are going to do Italian food, you have to do it the truly authentic Italian way."  Since then, two generations of Caldareras and Cadellis have spent hours in the kitchen perfecting the sauces and handmade pastas that have become the cornerstone of the dishes served at Taliano's Italian Restaurant.

Growing up in an Italian kitchen, Tom and Jim knew exactly what kind of great cuisine they wanted to share with the Fort Smith community, where no Italian restaurant existed.  With family recipes in hand, Taliano's opened its doors to a wonderful reception in 1970.  The restaurant has been praised by regional magazines, newspapers, and has received numerous awards.


The pastas, sauces, and the salad dressings are made fresh each day to ensure superior quality and a fine dining experience.  The tradition continues to evolve with the involvement of 3rd and 4th generations of the Caldarera family. Many of Tom’s grandchildren are also helping out around the restaurant making a fourth generation of hands-on experience...It's a family tradition.


Authentic Italian Cuisine

Tom Caldarera, Jr. and Jim Cadelli

Salvatore Caldarera arrived in Fort Smith in the early 1890s and operated the Caldarera Fruit Company and Caldarera Confectionery, both on Garrison Avenue.  Photo Courtesy the Clayton House




Taliano's Italian Restaurant

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